Case Studies: Health Planning & Equiping

AI Corniche Hospital

United Medical’s Management contract for this hospital in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, commenced 32 years ago, the longest public sector contract in the Middle East. The unit has 225 beds over six wards, 3 Theatres, a 14 room delivery suite, and a 32 cot neo-natal intensive care Unit. The hospital is at the forefront of providing maternity and women’s services in the United Arab Emirates.

Infertility Clinic An infertility Clinic was established in 1998.

Medical Services United Medical sought and subsequently achieved recognition by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist London for postgraduate medical training in a number of positions in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Quality Al Corniche Hospital successfully achieved ISO 9001 accreditation in November 1995. The Hospital was monitored on a 6 monthly basis where representatives from the British Standards institute formally assess the quality system. All policies and procedures were fully computerized and are available for staff to view through the hospital’s E-Mail facility.

IS & T United Medical successfully introduced into Al Corniche Hospital the Cerner Patient Management System, an American Software System designed to correspond to the single discipline hospital.

Equipment Purchase and Maintenance United Medical undertook the procurement and commissioning of all new equipment purchased on an annual basis via the capital equipment program. Calibration and safety testing of all equipment was carried out in accordance with planned preventative maintenance programmes. Procurement of supplies was undertaken on an international basis using maximum purchasing power. This was enhanced with the introduction of Oracle based purchasing and stock control systems.

Human Resources United Medical undertakes recruitment of all grades of staff ensuring that expatriates from all countries settle in quickly to their jobs. Specific training on professional and cultural issues is provided. United Medical introduced an integrated personnel and payroll computerised system development using Oracle Developer 2000 tool. The hospital's Human Resource strategy was developed to ensure good staff are attracted to the hospital and retained while providing them with the opportunities for professional and personal development.

Case study

Muscat Private Hospital

This 78 bed private hospital is situated in Bausher, Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman. United Medical provided technical and commissioning services and has responsibility for operational management through its subsidiary, Allied Medical. The management contract commenced in Sept 1998 and the hospital opened in April 2001.

Investor The United Medical group became an investor in this project in September 1998 when the hospital had already been under construction for six months. United Medical had reviewed the potential market in Oman and the foreseeable levels of demand made it more appropriate to join with an existing project.

Technical Services Having commenced its Technical Services contract for the commissioning of the hospital, United Medical reviewed the services level of demand and the feasibility capable or being provided over the next few years in the country and recommended a rather different strategy than that adopted by the original shareholders. This has been adopted and implemented which resulted in some physical changes to the hospital to expand the out patients and diagnostic capability and also to provide some extra space for clinical services, thus obtaining the maximum value from the capital investment.

Commissioning United Medical also undertook a major review of the equipment requirements of this turnkey project to ensure that the right content, specification and quality were provided. An IT strategy for the hospital was finalized, it having been already agreed by the shareholders to install a category six network. The operational policies and procedures based on automated systems were developed. Core marketing strategies and plans are in preparation and some marketing has commenced. The complex process of obtaining all the necessary licences and permits was completed.

Operation The pre-opening and operational budgets were completed and recruitment plans implemented that have been designed to ensure full compliance with the Omanisation programmes, as well as achieving the benefits of multi-skilling and cross training. Working practices have been developed from United Medical and
Allied Medical’s other projects in the Middle East to ensure that the optimum utilisation of resources and staff efficiencies are achieved.

Case study

Allied Diagnostic Centre Dubai

Based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, The United Medical group financed and manage this Out Patient Diagnostic Centre, through its subsidiary Allied Medical. The unit opened in 1997 and has built itself an enviable reputation in the Emirates. The United Medical group designed, constructed equipped and subsequently commissioned the Allied Diagnostic Centre based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 1997.

The Allied Diagnostic Centre, a private facility owned and managed by the United Medical group, combines the most sophisticated imaging equipment available in the Middle East with staff of proven experience and expertise. The Imaging Facilities of the Allied Diagnostic Centre are the very latest technology and include superior specification M.R.l., C.T., Ultrasound and Mammography equipment that is not matched in other dedicated imaging centres.

The centre provides services direct to patients through their attending clinicians, and has contracts with consulting clinics, hospitals and companies.

The Diagnostic Centre provides a comprehensive imaging service of exceptional quality with global diagnostic link to Teleradiology / Telemedicine Centres of Excellence in the U.S.A. (the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota) and Europe. (Guys and St. Thomas Hospitals in London)

Quality In the pursuit of excellence in quality standards, the Diagnostic Centre successfully achieved ISO 9000 accreditation within its first year of operation.