Case Studies: Health Planning & Equiping

Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford

Darent Valley Hospital, Dartlord

Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford, was the first major PFI hospital to open. The Trust previously operated over three geographically distinct sites in Dartford and Gravesham, and this scheme enabled integration into a new £150m acute hospital with more than 400 beds.

Princess Royal  University Hospital, Bromley

Princess Royal University Hospital, Bromley

In 2002 UME created the Managed Equipment Service solution to the Trust to fund an initial £10 million capital purchase of equipment, and to subsequently maintain and replace/upgrade this equipment, over the 30 year term of the contract, for the new £155 million Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley, Kent. The contract to undertake the capital expenditure and commission the equipment was successfully achieved in February 2003.

This scheme has benfited from being able to use UME’s Commissioning and Equipment Services skills to solve many practical and operational issues. UME operated the helpdesk to ensure the EBME quality control and processing where completed and on time. UME coordinated the purchase of new and replacement medical equipment in line with relevant protocols.

University College London Hospitals, London

UME worked on behalf of the University College Hospital London at the interface between the Trust and the Balfour Beatty/AMEC consortium. Our role has been to ensure the planning, specification, procurement and installation of all new equipment. The scheme has reached initial settlement of budget and procurement of all major group 2 items is in place. UME has procured more minor and Group 3 items for installation in autumn 2004. The scheme will be operational in two phases from early summer to winter 2005. In addition, UME has supplied input to the Trust for strategic context and health planning for the £90m Pathology, Pharmacy and Decontamination Services rationalization scheme.

Maidstone 8; Tunbridge Wells

UME provided the health planning brief to the consortium and leading the work with clinical teams, in addition our equipment division are offering a bid which supply's and manages all major equipment for a 32 year concession The capital value was approximately £300 million.