Case Studies: Commissioning

The Great Western Hospital

The Great Western Hospital, Swindon

UME worked with the Trust to develop UME's outline commissioning plan prepared for the Concession Agreement into a fully detailed commissioning plan. This was designed to ensure that transfer occurred as rapidly as possible so that all the Trusts costs were met within its fixed transitional cost budget. The detailed commissioning plan included:

  • Tie in to phased handover of buildings
  • Obtaining all permits and licences
  • Strategic decant plan
  • Facilities management plan
  • Equipment provision and transfer
  • Removal logistics
  • Decant management
  • Risk management

A process of cross-functional review and full risk assessment was provided to ensure completeness, consistency in the plan’s content and the acceptance and buy-in by Trust staff.

The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford

To minimize the disruption of the phased decanting from the existing hospital into the new facility, UME was involved with in-depth planning work with the Trust, and developed an innovative approach for commissioning. Clinicom® was originally developed for the Darent Valley PFl hospital, Dartford. Working with Trust staff at all levels, a detailed Strategic Decant Plan was produced which planed the move to ensure patient safety, avoiding disruption and service duplication, while cost efficiency and logistical effectiveness were optimized. The approach that was adopted using an ISO 9001 approved process, aimed to identify and minimize risk across all the key components of commissioning the Hospital. A core component of the approach was the ‘buy-in’ of the various stakeholders. This received an extension to the original scheme that was handed over to the Trust by the consortium in September 2004.